So thoughtful of you to send us flowers!

Read more: Your Photos: Flowers on Food52.

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Anonymous asked: your best album noone's heard of?

'Flag and flagon' by skinny lister, great folky music

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Brand: Punyus
Official S/S 2014 Collection Catalogue 

Check out more pictures from the catalogue at the sourced link! Their online webshop will be up soon. They recently opened shop in Shibuya 109, so if you’re in the area be sure to check them out.

Official site link:

This is tooooo cute!

These are so cute :D

Also how come we don’t have fashion where multiple size options are shown side by side? They look rad.

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The doodle-ramblings by Marty Cooper via Golem13.

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Lustik: twitter | pinterest | etsy

great work!

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Giraffe-taur drops a quarter: the crappy comic.

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I’m behind on my weekly ‘Preludes’ blog post, so I’m trying to pull something together VERY quickly.

Also my parents turned up with cider.

Which is awesome.

But now I’m a little bit drunk and writing about the mythology of the Sun is not particularly easy when one is a little bit drunk on cider.

oh bother.

Also my Charles Dickens biography is distracting me. It’s so interesting.




seriously such a great idea

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The cast of Matilda reenacted the Bruce Bogtrotter cake scene for the movies 17th anniversary [x]

I really don’t think any of you understand how important this is to me.

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Kawaii! These little kitties aren’t just unbelievably cute, they’re also edible. They’re made by a Japanese mom named Caroline for Neko no Hi or Cat Day, which takes place each year on February 22nd.

Cat-shaped treats seem like a wonderful way to celebrate how much you like your feline friends. These treats are cat-shaped nerikiri, which is “a traditional Japanese sweet made by mixing shiro-an (sweetened white bean paste) with gyuhi (made of glutinous rice, similar to mochi but softer).” Caroline sculpts her nerikiri cats and kittens into various sizes and poses and then uses edible dyes to add distinguishing markings and fine details. She even makes little accessories for them, like tea sets and pillows for extra-comfy lounging.

Based on the effort that goes into making these sweets, it seems likely that Caroline’s family probably has at least one real life cat of their own and we’re guessing it leads a wonderfully spoiled life.

Visit RocketNews24 for additional photos.

i feel like it’s really important that thelindsaytuggey sees this

Oh…oh my. :3 :D

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Asian male apology game = tight.

laughed so fuckin hard at the fuckin breakdancer

I fucking can’t

The last one though XD Fantastic.

Their poor knees..

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What it feels like to say Tangled is better than Frozen

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Meet the first couples to tie the knot after marriage equality took effect in England and Wales last night. Congratulations, all. (via BBC)

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