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an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

Wasn’t it proven she could have been light or fair skinned because of her biological family lineage though?

She has lineage from Ancient Greece

There are white people native to northern Africa. 


Cleopatra was white, dumbasses.

Her dynasty was descended from Alexander the Great: she was greek.

Her dynasty also perpetuated itself with constant inbreeding: Cleo was betrothed to one of her brothers, and upon his death, married another one.

SHe probably didn’t have one drop of non greek blood in her. 

Deal with it, historical revisionist crybabies.   Brattishly declaring “there’s literally no argument shut up” won’t make anyone take you seriously, nor will it make your feels into reals. 

Also, I’m white.  I still have olive skin.  You know, on account of all the white people who live in the MEDITERRANEAN.

Jesus fucking christ.  You stop trying so hard. 

To top it off, the original post is a straw man to begin with: nobody is saying that the ancient Egyptians looked like fucking Swedes, there are just a few people who reject the Afrocentrist version of the story where Africa = 100% black and the Copts don’t exist.

What’s also funny is that this Murrica-centric revisionism of Egypt doesn’t just erase its actual inhabitants (who were not black, because tthe world isn’t divided into Sub-saharan africans and white Europeans), it actually perpetuates the erasure of the many advanced African civilisations that have flourished throughout its history: such as Ife, a kingdom that existed in Nigeria, and whose advanced and beautiful realism in their artwork was immensely shocking to the Victorians, who could not believe such beautiful and realistic sculptures could have been created on the “Dark Continent” as they called it.

As seen here:

And of course, the ruins of Greater Zimbabwe, the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Zimbabwe.  These ruins date from the Iron Age.

See more here.

There is absolutely NO reason for this revisionism of Egypt, especially when it allows more people to remain ignorant of the many advanced civilisations and kingdoms that have existed throughout the history of Africa in favour of a delusional portrait that erases the true ethnicity of the Egyptians, simply because they were not white. 

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Methods of coral restoration are being applied in many parts of the world, including Florida, Mozambique and the Caribbean islands. Fast growing, branching species are being reared by conservationists and scientists and used for “reef seeding” projects. 

"It sounds quite novel, but in fact its a science thats been around for about 30 years. One of the reasons why I’m drawn to it is because its a very active way to get people physically involved in protecting the ocean."

Photo credits: top, middle, second from bottom, bottom

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Salad dressing. They’re selling salad dressing.

does he come with it

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Agonising over important life decisions

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Usually band members enforce their fans to buy their music…then there’s Brendon Urie

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 the cute john watson series + Calling Sherlock ‘mate’

inspired by the john hotson series

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an important factual presentation by me

All the facts.

Cleopatra would never have looked like they represented her in the 1950s/60s. I agree that there is a lot of evidence for her being darks skinned or at least certainly not full caucasian, but there is also a lot of evidence for her perhaps not sharing a lot of re african characteristics. it’s worth bearing in mind that she was part of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which was Macedonian Greek that took over after Alexander the great’s death. Effectively Egypt was part of the Ptolmaic dynasty and was under foreign rule, so the upper classes for a time certainly has greek blood in them, which naturally was not an african race, though like most empires of the time it was a real melting pot of race. Certainly her father’s wives were egyptian born,and who is rumoured to be Cleopatra’s mother could have been a noblewoman from Memphis,Egypt, which lays about 12 miles south of Cairo. Cleopatra was not a native egyptian. Her maternal grandfather was Alexander the great, She had to physically learn how to speak Egyptian, and the fact thats he went to the effort to was remarked upon.that said, she did keep up thee Egyptian tradition of marrying your brothers Her bust in the Altes museum in Berlin has her showing quite greek features, and there are a few comments of the time that remarked on the beakish nature of her nose, though it is notable that this also could be used as a saying for someone having a tenacity and stubbornness of rule. To be honest, we don’t know. Cleopatra has become a legend in her own right for her rule and the way she also shaped the Roman empire. It’s likely that she started out mixed race and she promptly had mixed race children. Cleopatra brings up a lot of issues about misrepresentation on film and how this gets all ingrained into our thinking, we shouldn’t assume that someone is caucasian because she’s badass or beautiful or important. That shit is nasty. But also when it comes to Cleopatra herself, we can’t ignore her Greek heritage as well as her Egyptian heritage and paint her as pure African, because this ignores a huge part of who she was. ESPECIALLY because what made her able to be so badass was her ability to move seamlessly between both worlds. In other news, if you want to check out some fascinating history, check out the stories of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony’s kids Ptolemy, and the twins Cleopatras Selene II and Alexander Helios.


600 Million Years and Counting…

I was pretty bored so I decided to make some GIFs of the last 600 million years of our planet’s plate tectonics.

The first GIF is a global mollewide projection. The second one is of the Colorado Plateau and the North American Southwest. The next GIF is of the entire formation of the North American Continent. The fourth GIF is of geologic and tectonic evolution of Europe. And finally the last one is the same as the first except in rectangular format.

I obtained the images from Global Paleogeography and them compiled them one by one into Photoshop with the end result being the above GIFs.

Geology rocks


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Nautilus shell scrimshaw, c.1845, dedicated to Queen Victoria; carved with a common penknife, 5½” high, 6¼” deep, 3¼” wide.

Omg, how long did this labor of love take?

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Source for more facts follow NowYouKno

Don’t forget that the church was literally so impressed they gave him a medal instead of imprisoning him or executing him

Mozart only needed to hear a piece once to play it better than the original. And on top of that, they believed all his music to have been created by someone else, not this kid, so they locked him in a tower for a period of time (forget how long) with only music paper. When they came back all the paper was filled and he had written on the walls as well. AND ALL THE MUSIC WAS PHENOMENAL. how much more perfect can you get than Mozart? If you want to know more: watch the movie Amadeus. It’s historically accurate but also funny at times. Watch. it.

so he was the first to illegally download a song

And for those of you that would like to hear the first illegally downloaded song that the Vatican kept a secret for so long because it was “too beautiful for human knowledge” You can find it here.

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